7 Innovative Ways to Generate B2B Sales Lead in 2021

The B2B Sales Lead generation had become more challenging in the recent past and it’s going to be tougher in the future due to the growing competition in the market. For B2B companies which deal with online medium to generate new leads is even more challenging.


Top trending B2B sales lead strategies in 2021

  • Emphasize Cold Emails over Cold Calls
  • Use the Forum to Engage Audience
  • Join Social Media Group
  • Offer Value-Added Services
  • Webinars
  • Create Referral Campaigns
  • Remarketing Campaigns

The reason being the trust factor is less among audiences when it comes to online marketing as compared to offline marketing. On the other hand, B2B business deals with top decision-makers of various industries. These decision-makers consider all the pros & cons before making any decision.

Here we are going to discuss the top trending B2B sales lead strategies in 2021

1. Emphasize Cold Emails over Cold Calls

Cold calling has lost its surprise element in this era. Before some time, if a sales pitch is loud and overpowering then it was grabbing a lot of attention. A lot of Decision-makers might not respond to any sales pitch if it takes thirty minutes of their busy schedule. They are likely to hang up on your sales manager.

A well-personalized email is a great tool to reach out to the decision-makers and grab their attention. Reports suggest every entrepreneur opens their email every 15 minutes. So most likely the email won’t go unnoticed. There is a chance that the email will be clicked and the recipient will respond to the message in it.

2. Use the Forum to Engage Audience

A forum is a place where a lot of people discuss relevant topics. Businesses have started to use these platforms to reach out to new audiences and make their presence felt.

Conceiving the idea can be challenging and executing the idea is even more difficult. Companies need some help bringing that idea to the masses. What better than a collaborative approach, where businesses showcase skills with that of another company or individual and reap the benefits jointly? Forums are a great place to identify the people and explore new opportunities that companies would like to combine with and pass on the business message.

3. Join Social Media Group

Every business has its official social media page. Promoting your brand on social media pages is very monotonous and boring. Any social media group which talks about a particular niche helps in segmenting the audience. Imagine sending a business message which falls to a section of non-relevant audiences. This is a case of a waste of time and money.

These social media business groups can be a platform where the right message will reach the right audience with no expense. The result of joining the groups can be:

  • Establish the brand as a thought leader in the market
  • Increase brand awareness
  • Humanize the brand to have a more emotional connection with the audience

4. Offer Value-Added Services

Audiences love freebies. If a company offers something at absolute no-cost then the audiences would most likely buy into their ideas. Any free download, whitepaper, newsletter, case studies will do a great job in attracting audiences. Today’s internet users are so used to being promised something for free that almost all the users expect something when they visit any website for the first time.

The value-added services are an efficient medium to generate sales leads and conversion. Offer something the audiences are not expecting. Then that will create a goodwill impact in their mind. Loyal customers are the best customer to target. Loyalty offers for the customers will urge them to stay loyal to the company for a long period.

5. Webinars

Webinar also called online seminar is a useful medium that turns a presentation into a real-time interactive session from anywhere in the world. This allows large groups of participants to engage in online discussions or training events and share ideas even when they’re not in the same place as the meeting host.

Webinars are not very expensive at all and can be easily affordable even for small businesses. Small businesses have limited data resources. That’s why in coming years the usage of webinars is going to increase. Several B2B companies used this medium to reach out to prospects during the pandemic last year. A live demonstration has more trust compare to pre-recorded videos and ads. Customers can clear their doubts immediately with the host and engage in more meaningful conversation with the live audience. The benefits of the webinar are as follows:

  • Interaction with Interested Participants
  • Connection with a Larger Audience
  • New Lead Cultivation
  • Strengthens Current Partnerships
  • Establish Industry Authority

6. Create Referral Campaigns

Referrals occur when one person recommends a business or services to another person. In B2B business it is a little more complicated. Referrals are one of the most useful marketing methods. Not only do most businesses look to others for product and service recommendations, but these recommendations also come with a high level of trust. And referred leads come from the trust they place in their peers. They’re easier to nurture and convert into sales.

Give the customers what they want to get a good referral from them. This is the basic motto of referral marketing. Before purchasing a product or service, a B2B company goes through a multistep sales journey and long decision-making process with several stakeholders to determine the outcome. A B2B will rarely agree to an instant business proposal.

While Launching a Referral Programme a few things to consider:

  • Establish the brand as a thought leader in the market
  • Increase brand awareness
  • Humanize the brand to have a more emotional connection with the audience

7. Remarketing Campaigns

Remarketing often considered as a B2C tactic to bring back the existing customers to buy products and the abandoned users to consider their decision again. In the case of B2B, the remarketing proves to be very vital. All companies use their industry databases to remarket their services. It’s important to have a sales funnel to design a marketing strategy.

Creating a remarketing list for the email subscribers can go a long way in helping the company achieve the desired goal. Remarketing helps maximize email signups with multi-step forms. Whether it is Google ads or social marketing campaigns; they allow similar features to find out the users who display similar behavior and interest.

Remarketing can also be done in the following forms:

  • Post-purchase remarketing
  • Content remarketing
  • Limited offer remarketing campaigns


Although B2B lead generation has evolved over the years one thing remains constant. That is innovation. New ideas are considered and put to test by marketers to see the result. In 2021 this is going to be the trendsetter.

It is quite clear that no method is entirely free of cost. No strategy is entire without any risk. And no method is going to produce an immediate result. More interaction with the audiences will produce better outcomes.

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